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This is the first Lucid Dementia album. The song "Twisted" was included on the International label COP Internationals all female compilation "Diva Ex Machina II" and on the CBS television show NCIS. The song "Cannibal" was also included on the CBS television show NCIS.


released March 1, 1997



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Lucid Dementia Austin, Texas

Lucid Dementia is an Avant Garde Industrial Metal band from Austin, Texas that is led by a 6 foot tall alien creature puppet.
"I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but quite frankly, I was blown away!!! This band is great! They’re Goth, punk, and tight as hell. I couldn’t stop pounding my feet and bobbing my head. I defy you not to get off!"
-John Aielli, KUT radio 90.5FM
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Track Name: Twisted
everybodys twisted
so twisted
everybodys twisted
byyyyyy your name!

Those that have been listed
dont listen
those that have been listed
fry their brains

Chosen are the fisted
chosen are the fisted
in the game

If you want to trist it
you can kiss it
if you want to trist it
go insane

Broken in the casket
by the basket
crept into a casket
and stold the rang

Working like a piston
I sweat it
Working like a piston
in a train

Now we go ballistic
it's a mystic
way to go ballistic
try in vain
Track Name: Wrazor Wrist Grrl
Wrazor Wrist grrl is mad at the wrrld
if she can't win then she'll fight within
falling on the floor leaving blood on the door
fingernail slash she gets by in a flash

Wrazor Wrist Grrl
Mad at the Wrrld

Wrazor Wrist Grrl where the blade is a pearl
cuts out the shame when she cuts out the pain
Daddy gets a kiss cause daddys got a fist
(dont)keep it inside girrl its the best place to hide

Wrazor Wrist Grrl give it a Whirl!
drugs in yer brain cause they call you insane
hiding in the haze grrl yer going through a faze
dazing on the dust of your present state of trust thrust

cut it out.
Track Name: Tailbone
I know, who robbed the grave in Dallas

His love... stronger then the earth could hold
His love... did not mind the autumn cold
His love... dug into a deeper hole
His love... died into a deeper fold

Her love... not a sound did she make
Her love... from the grave her body take
Her love... deep into the bone it break
Her love... enough to make the shovel shake

Track Name: Truth
will kill
will kill you
will kill your God

I see that your gods nailed up to the $
what kind of faith bows down to the $
who will save your soul with the $
what hole do you fill in your spirit with the $

cadillac temple to worship the $
fight your wars and kill for the $
schools and churches devoted to the $
woncha give me a little of your $

Truth will kill your god
Track Name: Chip On My Shoulder
I gotta a chip on my shoulder

hate is a word for a dead bird
too many wings and nobody sings
and it grows and grows and grows
dead bird, dead bird...

shotgun child, bred to be wild
brought up to fast to slide on the glass
and it grows and grows and grows
up wild, up wild...

bred on a whim, born to the pain, breeding in the focus of a shotgun reign.
Track Name: Heroin Grin
heroin grin.... i know where shes been!

Honey comes home with a look in her eye
wherve you been?
out dancing with a pin,
dancing with a pin that makes me spin, spin, spin...
honey says she loves me and she heads out the door
where ya goin?
out to the store, looking for the main line looking for more

she has a heroin grin
i know where shes been

Honeys been gone for a week or two
wherve you been?
dancing with a pin
dancing with a pin that makes her spin, spin, spin....
Honey seems so far away, so far away from me
where did she go?
i dont know!
looking for the mainline looking for more!

Hey baby where ya been?
whats that stone now you where on yer chin
six feet diggin you down, down, down....
little rabbit, little rabbit let me in....
Track Name: Strange Kiss
im not cool
im just weird

kiss me on the mouth again your blood is better then wine.
and its so,
oh well...

you look at me like im an idiot
(i am)
you make me feel like an invalid
(i am)
or you ignore me like im not there
(i am)
when did i become invisible?
(i am)
yes, i am a freak
(oh well)
i am weird
yes, i am a creep
i am weird
i guess i am a mutant

you be the judge
you be the jury
i am so guilty
im caught red handed
caught red handed

wouldnt want to be you
i would hate to be you...
Track Name: Cannibal
God damn lets go!

to be a good mother
to be a good father
you have to be a cannibal
to procreate
in a world you hate
you have to be a cannibal

oh, sly sister,
whats the matter with your soul
no, bad brother,
your diggin yourself in a hole
hey, big mama,
whatch got cookin down there?
say, down papa,
why do you like it rare?

oh, sly sister,
where ya gonna be when its cold?
no, bad brother,
whos gonna care when yer old
hey, big mama,
yoursell be an animal
so, down papa,
why do you raise the toll?
Track Name: Human Waste
do you see the constant reaction
do you see the hate?
do you see the instant infraction,
do you see the pain?

human waste

do you feel the dying races
do you fate?
do you feel the lying faces
do you fear the day?

and the plate is set before you
this world has taught you the aquired taste
dig into the flesh you inherit
and swallow this human waste
are you hungry?
Track Name: Sorry Misery
broke apart by the thought of the size of the load, and you go and you show that you know that the bone is a part of a one of a part, of a whole, and you try to be smart but it all falls apart and the ones that you know know that you dont know anymore then you thought that you thought you could know and try to escape from yourself in this hole, but yer cold, and yer cold, and yer cold, and yer cold...

your hole is a sorry misery
your hole is a sorry mess
your hole is a sorry misery
a sorry misery

there's a thought in my head and i try to keep it down but the sound of the thought tries to drown, tries to drown, and i swim and i swim but the flood gate begins to part out the flood of my blood of my blood, and i try and i try to repress what's inside but color that i shine is the skin that i ride and the guilt and the shame to this feeling that remains that im cold, and im cold, and im cold, and im cold...

the wanting in my head
the needing in your bed
the flaunting of your fate
the sickness of your hate
my time has run out
your time has run out...