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This is the bands 3rd full length album. This album was created to translate to the stage better than any of their other albums.


released March 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Lucid Dementia Austin, Texas

Lucid Dementia is an Avant Garde Industrial Metal band from Austin, Texas that is led by a 6 foot tall alien creature puppet.
"I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but quite frankly, I was blown away!!! This band is great! They’re Goth, punk, and tight as hell. I couldn’t stop pounding my feet and bobbing my head. I defy you not to get off!"
-John Aielli, KUT radio 90.5FM
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Track Name: Pie
Feeling, lost again, Knowing, I just don’t belong in this world
Feeling, so angry, Knowing, that I am not one of you.

The Cannibals, of mind control
A peace of me, is torn apart
Now my soul, is in a hole
And Everybody wants to eat a piece of my heart

Lost in a world that is filled with zombies
Trying to be what they see on the tee vee
Everywhere I look I’m surrounded by sheep
I try not to trip cause it gets so deep
And I, can’t, change, you
And you won’t change me
What can I do
When You won’t let me be

Everyone I know is some kind of whore
I’m for sale too that’s what I’m singing for
if there’s no money in it then I’m out the door
I give all I can and you just ask for more
And I, can’t, change, you
And you won’t change me
What can I do
When You won’t let me be

I’m so tired of fighting
I’m so tired of all the dying
When will they stop lying?
I’m just ready to make it, all go away.
Track Name: Ignorance
Ignorance is the root of all hatred

Hey, hey, hey are you O-KKK little man in your pretty white dress?
Standing on the steps with the sun on your face do you really think that anyone’s impressed?
Blow horn hate at full volume you grace the crowd expounding on your lack of progress
Inside the capitol leaders now touch themselves excited by the words that you press
Everybody does it, not everybody spreads it with a total lack of finesse
Even god expounds it, at least that’s what they teach you with the limited views, they possess
marching in a rhythm that is set by your fathers you believe that your beliefs are the best
down your nose is a long way to look at those you fear and observe and oppress

the dumber you are, the better you feel,
(life is so easy when you don’t have to deal)
the dumber you are, the better you kill
(life is so easy when you don’t know what’s real)
Ignorance is the root of all hatred
I Love You, I Hate You, I Love You, I Hate You…

Rile up the country for another war lets go its easy when the enemy is queer
Everyone is different there surely they are evil lets kill everyone that’s not, like, here
Build up a support for it get everyone to worship it, give everyone a sense of what, to, fear
Too many atrocities are fueled by this monstrosity that even when it’s painful for them they, will, cheer
planted like a seed it grows until nobody seems to know when it first became a poison so severe
it’s easier to fall in line then try to shift out of the binds that don’t match up with the other cogs that’s in the gears
this fire, we dance with it, even try romancing it, playing with an oven we are sure to get seared
but you better watch your back or you could end up in a sack when you are dancing with a puppeteer

this thing brings me to my knees
Man will find a cure for every disease
But there never will be a cure for this
Track Name: heaTHEN
Born into a faith that tells you your god is the righteous one
Born into a face that tells you your war is the holy one
Standing in your holy house dipping in the water
Followed like the sheep you are, dancing to the slaughter
Looking down on heathens that would dare to cross your path
Knowing in a blinded faith that they will feel your gods wrath
Here’s the reason that you love and more the reason what you hate
Tolerance is just a word that others say to desecrate
Lucky how you’re born to this the universal power
Here you stand above the rest watching in your tower
All the world should bow down to the god that’s in your pages
All the ones that would deny will suffer from god’s rages

And I don’t believe, And I don’t believe
And I can’t receive, What you’re giving to me
I wish I could, But I’m glad that I can’t
Be something that’s good, That stands with your slant
I’m not worthy to go to your heaven
I’m not good enough to meet your god

Sacrifice, sacrifice, nailed unto the timber
To be a better martyr man you really must be limber
To bend the words to fit your path and stay within the facts
Bent so far the straw has come to break the camel’s backs
You will be forgiven for atrocities you commit
You will be awarded for the bodies that you split
No matter how abhorrent the things you do in this life
As long as your god says it’s good then you can wield his knife
Deep inside your blinded faith living is a seed
Telling you that all you follow may not really be
You shake your head declare resolve and scratch it with your tome
But keeping down the truth like that will burn you to the bone

Ah. Ah yi,
ah high livivighvo Embolyow Yebahnay Heylah
Hey Yamdayah Foyah Zehgay Limegah Ovayah
Lime Buhvay Ay VayLie
Dieduhvuhsie Vava Tanguy Whorah
Mondah Vlay I Hay How Lowar
Mondah Vlay Ah Songa Rabbah Hayndor
Bestor Ryme bar Rahbeh Dote de Zymegror
Ahmda Gaylah Dyzar Vriyow
Track Name: Lies
now when they went to give us a reason,
they based it on the killing season
they were scapegoating every infraction,
rallying up the troops getting’m excited for some action,
and we couldn't see past all the flag waving
all the patriotic hysterical masturbating, and everybody got in line
the colors that weren't running were there keeping us blind

And we, believed the lies
and waved our flags and swore that we would win the fight
And we, now realize
the war that rages on was based on lies
We are fighting a war
That was started by lies

now the cowards that were keeping in power
hide behind their parties and hide inside their towers
and suppress any kind of dissention
with a healthy spoonful of sweet disinformation
and now nobody knows what is true
except for the sons and daughters that we slowly lose
and freedom was never free
and we live on our knees so we can stand on our feet
Track Name: Fall Apart
Live a life of tatters living one day at a time
Keep above the waters and not get out of line
Doing what they tell me and sticking to the grind
You ever get the feeling that your losing your mind?

I don’t care, What you think of me
I don’t care, What your little brain, perceives
I don’t care, what you think of me just leave me alone
I don’t care, What you do, with, your life
I don’t care, As long as I’m not under your knife
I don’t care, I’m not one of you so leave me alone
I try to make a difference but it falls apart
I try to mend the stitches of my broken heart
But the weight, of the world, on my back has brought it tumbling down

I’m ready to let everything fall apart…

I have tried, To get my life back into line
I have tried, But now I know I’ve run out of time
I have tried I have tried but now the meaning has died.
I have tried, To keep this chaos locked up inside
I have tried, To turn my cheek and let anger slide
Off the back of a worm that is eating me alive

It’s eating me inside
I’m ready to destroy it.
Track Name: W3
When will we, see the sun again?
When will we, see the son again?

Here we stand like men before a king that rules the crown unjust
The lies he told will bring the blade that falls upon his rule that’s false
Here is his hand (It’s dripping with blood)
Here is his heart (So black and so cold)
Here is his mind (A device of pure evil)
Here is his life (A disease in the making)
Here is my hand, (The great equalizer)
Here is my heart (It bleeds to be free)
Here is my mind (It’s Sharp like the blade it wields)
I’ll give you my life (We’ll take what we need)

We’ll hold a stand against the king that took the land against our trust
We’ll fight against his tyranny and raze his kingdom to it’s knees
Here is his hand (With the blood of the innocent)
Here is his heart (So full of a hatred)
Here is his mind (So black that it’s frightening)
Here is his life (So ripe for the taking)
Here is my hand, (Let it justify the taking)
Here is my heart (It beats ever quickening)
Here is my mind (As clear as the message)
I’ll give you my life (We’ll take what we need)

On the throne sits the crooked king, All his crimes spread before him
We will stand like a mountain, Coming down on his head
And all the kings subjects, Will cower in fear
To them we’ll bring justice, Swift and severe.
Track Name: Part
I don’t want to be part of you
I don’t want to be what you are
I don’t want to be part of you
I don’t want to be what you are

So sad and decrepit, So obviously stupid
So low and inhuman, So horribly human
You mate with your money, You love all your money
I don’t think it’s funny, That you think it’s so funny
And I just keep running, To avoid from becoming
The thing that you are (And all that you are)
And all that you are (And all that you are)

All that I see, Is people unfree
Marching with glee, To a fascist decree
They follow the cry’s, They follow the lies
Raised without eyes, They don’t realize
And I just keep running, To avoid from becoming
The thing that you are (And all that you are)
And all that you are (And all that you are)

There’s a machine, deep in the scene
And everyone’s a number, that keeps the system clean
And if there’s a error, that breaks with the scheme
Then the error is corrected, by the system regime
Track Name: Break
Watching and waiting for some little measure
Down in the gutter we wait for our turn
Wretched and cold we are desperate and hungry
Just for a glimmer so bad that it burns
Walking on streets that are worn by your leather
The sunshine must feel good on your delicate hands
Can’t you see the shadows in the corner of your eyes?
Can’t you hear the moaning, the sobbing and the cries?

Why can’t we get one break?
Why can’t we just get one break?
All that we want is to live in the sun
Why won’t you give us a break?

Broken and battered we fight for position
Hoping that someday our chance will arrive
Slipping in the mud we resolve determination
Gripping what’s left with the dream still alive
There you are passing you choose not to notice us
Living in the shadows, trying to stand
Hoping that someone will notice us dying here
Hoping that someone will reach out their hand

Falling, falling, darkness, is calling
Reaching, grabbing, screaming, crawling
Waiting for the day, when we’ll have our say
Falling, falling, falling, falling
Track Name: Deadly Sally
Here is a tale of torture and revenge
Disguised as a beauty Sally leads us to an end

Once before, she was a beautiful soul
Trusting, innocent, without a hold
got mixed up with an unpleasant fold
Took advantage of her undoubting role
"She lives so perfect," they exclaimed
"Not a crack in her past or a crevice to blame."
"Let's play a trick to teach her pain"
So they devised a plan, to test her refrain
One spooky night, they told her a surprise
Was deep in the woods, in the shape of a prize
A party for Sally that was the guise
So she followed them in, fooled by their lies
"NOW!" said a kid, and on her head threw a sack
Then they tied up her hands in a senseless attack
laughing they fled without once looking back
alone in the woods she wandered in the black
Days went by, Sally unseen
the town got together and searched out in teams
"Out in the ditch!" someone's mom screamed
there was her body, but her head was not seen

Deadly Sally, she's only a head
Poor sweet Sally is back from the dead
Run from her, no matter what is said
For she may kill you as you sleep in your bed

Months went by and Sally’s death was unsolved
The guilty ones tried, but they couldn't evolve
Restlessly they slept due to guilt not dissolved
Waiting in their dreams Sally had this resolve:
"You were my friends, or so you lead me to believe
I'm coming back to kill you for what you did to me."
Then all the children could do nothing but grieve
As Sally came at night with only death to achieve
She glared into their eyes until their bodies were dust
and before they dropped dead Sally laughed with disgust
Her killing went on, as it was her new lust
Now Sally waits to harm those she doesn’t trust
So let this be a message to those who harmed her soul
For she never wanted anything more than to be whole
Sally was an innocent seeking some control
But the evil children laughing left her body in a hole.
Now every night as it starts getting late
Anyone involved in her death will meet their fate
There’s nowhere to hide, for she’ll find you like bait
Finally her revenge is fulfilled by her HATE
Track Name: WTF
they say yes and then say no we say WTF?
they say stop and then they go we say WTF?
they say life then vote for death we say WTF?
they say free then vote restraints we say WTF?

hey WTF?
hey WTF?
what is wrong with everybody?
hey WTF?

the world is a river and I'm out of control
someone stole my paddle and I'm losing my hold
my boat is sinking faster then I'm willing to dole
and the rest of you people are there smashing the hole

They say god is love and then they hate, WTF?
they say not to judge and then they grade, WTF?
they say no war then they instigate , WTF?
they say to repent then they berate, WTF?
Track Name: AXE
Here. I'm standing here. Waiting. For the axe to fall.
Why. Why should I fear? By now I am used to it, let the axe fall.
And I swear. By the times I have clawed. Out of the dark. Let the axe fall.
And here. We all stand here. Waiting for them to, let the axe fall.

Were sick of your shit, were sick of your crimes
Were sick of the spit, you fling in our eyes
Here is my neck, laid out on the deck
Put it on check, and let the axe fall…
…and cut it off.

Fear. Spread by deceit. Spread like disease, let the axe fall
Control. You fight for my soul. Now there's only a hole. Let the axe fall
Fight. Or flight. Just try it and see. And let the axe fall
And We. We all stand here. Were waiting for them to try. Let the axe fall.
Track Name: Billions For The War
You are not a man (You're just a little boy)
You are not a king (You're just a silly puppet)
Hanging from a string (you do the silly dancing)
All the children scream: “What a funny thing!”

Chasing after butterflies that always get away
Laughing at the children that follow and obey
Don’t you see the faces that are slowly turning grey?
The smell of smoke is rising and the patrons are afraid
Why, do you hate your children?
Why, do you send them to war?
Why, do you feed the greedy?
You take a little more yes you take a little more...

Billions for the war, nothing for the poor

You're just a little boy (you are not a man)
With your little toys (and your little plans)
Crying when you're angry (and screaming when you’re mad)
If you don't get your way: “Then everybody’s bad!”
Playing with the world like it's some kind of a game
When it isn't working right you find someone to blame
Don't you see the faces that are filling up with pain?
The smell of smoke is rising and the patrons are insane

Track Name: Foold
We got fooled again, Down for another ride
Passed around the windows, For a brand new set of lies
We got fooled again, A trick to kill the poor
Money for the rich, And a way to keep the score
We got fooled again, Believing in our sins
Where did the war begin, Who will stop to win?
We Got Foold Again!
We got fooled again, Taken in by so called friends
There to represent us, Instead they kicked us in the chin
We got fooled again, forgot the mistakes that were made the last time
Our freedom slowly burning and we can’t keep count of all the crimes
We got fooled again, Is everybody in?
Is everybody in because the revolution is ready to begin

Some nationalistic fools, Try to use me like a tool
Try to say that I’m to blame, Because my opinions aren’t the same
They try to pin me to a side, While standing on the rail they try to ride
But I’d rather be here fighting, Then indifferently uniting
And when buildings fell, And everyone was screaming
The first thing I was thinking, Is what did we do to deserve this?